Ukrainian media: Can Volker accept bribes from the Poroshenko’s administration?

“In 2017, the National Reform Council under the President of Ukraine paid $ 300 thousand to the American BGR Group for lobbying its interests in the United States. Information that the administration of Petro Poroshenko hired this company to promote its interests appeared on the website of the foreign agents registration department of the US Justice Department at the beginning of the year. The fact of the conclusion of the contract was first denied, but then recognized in the press service of Poroshenko,» writes the Ukrainian anti-corruption edition Antikor1.

It is noteworthy that Kurt Volker, a former US ambassador to NATO, serves as a special representative to Ukraine at the US State Department, also works for the BGR Group as an adviser on international affairs.

“At first, the contract was concluded with the Administration of the President of Ukraine, but after this story became public in the media, the contract was urgently renewed to the National Reform Council, which by a strange coincidence at that time was headed by Boris Lozhkin,” writes edition of Politika UA.

The Ukrainian outlet Dossier, citing a source in the Poroshenko’s Administration, reported that the manipulation of the transfer of contracts from one legal entity to another irritated Americans, then Lozhkin, who had long been in contact with Volker, suggested him to receive money in cash.

“Naturally, Poroshenko should not have figured in this scheme, but I am sure that Volker understood from whom an initiative was coming. Volker agreed to Lozhkin’s proposal and the total sum of the contract was increased from 600 to 720 thousand US dollars per year. The increase of the sum satisfied the American partners and the irritation of the change of the legal entity vanished. From the beginning of 2018, Volker began to receive sums “in envelope”. Such state of affairs easily explains Volker’s behavior, who is in no hurry to take active steps to resolve the crisis in the Donbass. And, of course, an interesting question, if Volker declares the resulting “income”?” the Ukrainian media write.

Our outlet is interested in this situation and is going to conduct own journalistic investigation, since we believe that the main problem of Ukraine is corruption and dragging American officials into it hurts the cause. Ukraine today is in direct opposition to the imperial plans of Russia and the corruption ties between officials from the United States and Ukraine can lead to a weakening of Ukraine’s position in the international arena.

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