‘If US is sidelined, 2 Koreas can work towards peace and stability’

The US is interfering with the ongoing Korean talks, which Seoul hopes will eventually lead to the denuclearization of the entire peninsula, security analyst Charles Shoebridge told The third session of inter-Korean talks in a week signalled a significant breakthrough in the frosty ties between the two Koreas. And while

China’s strong economic growth blows away expectations

China, the world’s second largest economy, has eclipsed its official growth target of about 6.5 percent, expanding 6.9 percent last year. It’s the first time since 2010 that the pace of growth has picked up. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang also said last week he expected growth to be at “around

Bitcoin crash sparks investor appetite for gold

A major correction on the cryptocurrency market has revived investor interest in the world’s oldest commodity. Gold has seen a breakneck-paced rally this month. Bullion dealer Sharps Pixley said physical gold sales increased fivefold on Wednesday, as people were willing to sell digital gold and buy the real thing. “Yesterday

US backtracks on ‘Kurdish border force’, Turkey cites record of broken promises

Turkey said it was unimpressed by US attempts to downplay a planned 30,000-strong, predominantly Kurdish border force in northern Syria. The Turkish foreign minister said the US had lied about supporting the Kurds in the past. Washington must take concrete steps to address Ankara’s concerns about Kurdish militias in Syria,

May caves over Calais: France dangles prospect of Brexit support and UK hands over £44.m for border

The stage is set for a stormy 35th UK-France summit at the Sandhurst military base. Having dispensed with the formalities, Emmanuel Macron and Theresa May are expected to engage in intense negotiations over the cost of the border. Early on Thursday, it emerged that Britain’s Prime Minister will give in

Apple proclaims new job & investment initiatives on heels of tax reform

Apple has announced a “commitment” to create more than 20,000 new jobs in the US and invest $350 billion in the next five years. The move contributes to what would be the largest repatriation tax bill in IRS history. As part of Apple’s “commitment to support the American economy and

Trump reveals ‘Fake News Awards,’ website crashes

President Donald Trump has announced the “winners” of his “Fake News Awards.” While the link failed to open for many amid the high internet traffic, a web archive reveals the New York Times and CNN are among the top three. Trump also tweeted that there are “great reporters” whom he