‘Crimes against humanity:’ France to face lawsuit in ICC over nuclear tests in French Polynesia

A suit has been filed against France with the International Criminal Court over the nuclear tests conducted in the South Pacific. While local studies say the tests led to cancer, Paris is reluctant to take responsibility. The move was announced by the French Polynesia’s former president, Oscar Temaru, at a

ISIS seizes chlorine canisters in attack on Al-Nusra & White Helmets – Russian MoD

Deadly chemicals have ended up in the hands of Islamic State (IS, ISIS/ISIL) after pro-IS terrorists attacked a northern Syrian HQ of Al-Nusra, killing several militants and White Helmets and capturing canisters with chlorine. The Russian Defense Ministry reported on the attack on Wednesday, accusing the militant-allied Western countries of

Wasn’t she supposed to serve US? Twitter unamused as IDF ‘salutes’ Haley for her support for Israel

A tweet from the IDF thanking Nikki Haley for her “unwavering support” for Israel has sparked an avalanche of snarky comments, with many pointing out that Haley was supposed to be the US, not Israeli, envoy to the UN. In a surprise announcement on Tuesday, Haley resigned her post as

Recycle kids? AFP faces backlash for report on green study advising people to have fewer children

French news agency AFP has faced harsh criticism after publishing Swedish environmental research which says that having “one fewer child” could reduce emissions. Now netizens wonder what to do with their “extra one.” AFP tweeted an infographic, based on the one-year old study on the ways people can reduce their

Couple arrested with baby pram full of body parts may have killed 20 people

Police in Mexico are investigating whether a couple arrested over body parts found in a baby’s pram may have been responsible for up to 20 murders. The duo identified only as Juan Carlos and Patricia ‘N’ were arrested on October 4 at a house in Ecatepec, Mexico, after a police

‘Fighting EU to save Europe:’ Salvini, Le Pen vow to start ‘revolution of common sense’

Italy’s Matteo Salvini and France’s Marine Le Pen have pledged to fight the “totalitarian” EU and bring Europeans “their future back” as they launched their campaign ahead of the European Parliament elections. “The enemies of Europe are those, who are entrenched in the Brussels bunker,” Salvini, the Italian Interior Minister and

Police detains suspect over killing of Bulgarian journalist – report

A person suspected to be linked to the murder of a Bulgarian investigative journalist has been detained, Reuters reports citing a government source familiar with the investigation. The detainee allegedly holds Romanian citizenship as well as a Moldovan passport, according to unconfirmed reports in Bulgarian media. An Interior Ministry spokesperson

Turkish authorities to search Saudi consulate after dissident journalist vanishes

Turkish authorities have been given access to search Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Istanbul as part of an investigation into a missing dissident journalist. Jamal Khashoggi has not been seen since he entered the building last week. Khashoggi, a progressive journalist who left Saudi Arabia last year, is feared dead by

Massive brawl erupts in Siberian maximum security prison

A scuffle involving dozens inmates has broken out in a maximum security prison in the Russian city of Omsk. Authorities say a conflict between two groups spilled into a fight. The confrontation was started on Sunday night by a group of inmates that prison authorities characterized as having “negative attitude.” They were

Google+ shutting down after data breach which was never revealed to users

Google is closing the Google+ social network after an error exposed the private data of hundreds of thousands of users last spring, in an incident which the company never disclosed to those affected. Google put the “final nail in the coffin” of the Google+ product by shutting down “all consumer functionality,” the Wall