Chechen lawmakers draft bill allowing third consecutive term for Russian president

The Chechen parliament has drafted a bill in the State Duma that, if passed, would allow Vladimir Putin and all future Russian presidents to remain in office for three consecutive terms instead of the current two. Russian laws allow regional legislatures to draft federal laws and earlier this month the

Putin signs decree on new government with all candidates proposed by Medvedev

President Vladimir Putin has approved all candidates for senior positions in the new Russian government, who were proposed earlier today by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Most key positions in the new cabinet remain with the same outgoing ministers, such as the experienced and popular Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Finance Minister

South Africa removes Israel ambassador over IDF’s ‘violent aggression’ in Gaza

The South African government is withdrawing its ambassador to Israel in response to the “violent aggression” by Israeli forces at the Gaza border, which saw 55, including six children, killed on Monday. “The latest attack has resulted in scores of other Palestinian citizens reported injured, and the wanton destruction of

No end in sight: Palestinians keep protesting, Israeli forces continue to ‘massacre’ them

Palestinian protests will not subside after the US relocated its embassy to Jerusalem, and Israeli forces will continue “massacring” the protesters, professors Marjorie Cohn and James Petras told. “I think the massacres by Israel will continue, the peaceful protests from Palestinians will continue. I don’t see any resolution, unfortunately,” said Petras,

Football ‘beyond politics’: World Cup official says West’s political game not affecting ticket sales

Western attempts to use politics to undermine the 2018 World Cup are regrettable, but won’t keep fans from enjoying the tournament, Alexey Sorokin, head of Russia’s World Cup organizing committee, told Sophie Shevardnadze. Speaking on Shevardnadze’s interview program SophieCo, Sorokin said it was unfortunate that some nations have disrespected the

‘This is state terror’: Foes & allies criticize Israel over use of force in wake of embassy move

Russia, France, and the UK have expressed consternation over the legality of the US Embassy moving to Jerusalem, and Israel’s heavy-handed response to the clashes it has provoked, which have reportedly caused over 50 deaths. “We have publicly criticized the move multiple times,” said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. “International resolutions declare

‘Netanyahu resign!’ Israelis protest against US embassy move, Jerusalem Day parade

Hundreds of people hit the streets of Jerusalem late Saturday to protest against the relocation of the US embassy to the city and a Jerusalem Day parade, saying that both only serve to escalate tensions with Palestine. The demonstration, organized by co-existence group Standing Together and settlement watchdog Peace Now,

Russian embassy in Paris requests info from France on knife attacker’s nationality

The Russian embassy in Paris has requested information on the nationality of the man who killed one and injured several others with a knife in the city. Reports claim that he was born in Chechnya but had French citizenship. “We have requested information on the nationality of the attacker and

‘He was born in Chechnya, but France made him a criminal’ – Kadyrov on Paris knife attacker

The Chechen leader says France is responsible for the acts of Hassan Azimov, who was born in the Caucasian republic before moving as a child. Azimov was shot dead after stabbing five people and killing one in Paris on Saturday. “I think it important to note that the entire responsibility

‘He eats two buckets of noodles a day’: Chinese woman bought a dog that grew up to be a massive bear

A Chinese woman says she bought a Tibetan Mastiff puppy on holiday two years ago. ‘Little Black’ grew fast – and never stopped until he became a 200 kg endangered Asiatic Black Bear and had to be taken into an animal sanctuary. “It was a tiny mastiff puppy, and when