Mummified cats, scarabs, and a 4,500-year-old ‘untouched’ tomb unearthed in Egypt

When archaeologists made their way through a 4,500-year-old necropolis and found an extraordinarily rare collection of mummified cats and beetles, they could hardly imagine their exploration would lead on to something even bigger. On Saturday, a team of explorers crept through walls dating back to about 2,500 BC and unearthed

Oumuamua: Comet or Alien Solar Probe?

Harvard researchers say it’s likely that a mysterious cigar-shaped object hurtling through space could be an alien spacecraft sent intentionally to Earth’s vicinity by another civilisation. Here is everything you need to know about the object and the theories surrounding it. What is Oumuamua? Scientists have been puzzling over Oumuamua

New giant dinosaur species unearthed in Argentina

Three well-preserved specimens of a new gigantic dinosaur species, named Lavocatisaurus agrioensis, have been discovered by a multinational team of scientists in the Argentine province of Neuquén. The remains an adult and two juveniles reptiles which roamed the Earth some 110 million years ago, were unearthed by a team of

‘This is NOT archaeology’: Man unearths 7 mystery skeletons next to his house in Russia’s Far East

Building a house turned into a haunting experience for a man in Russia’s Far East as he unearthed remains of at least seven people on his plot of land. Local historians say the eerie find has nothing to do with archaeology. Vitaly Kvasha’s shovel literally “stuck in a skull,” when he began

Scientists pinpoint part of brain that inhibits fear, hope for PTSD breakthrough

Scientists have found the part of the brain that inhibits fear, a breakthrough that could help with the treatment of PTSD and other psychiatric issues. A team from Texas A&M University identified a region of the thalamus, called the nucleus reuniens, which inhibited fear in rats. Their findings were published in Nature

No appendix? Your risk of Parkinson’s is reduced by more than 20%

Having your appendix removed comes with an unexpected advantage; scientists have discovered that an appendectomy reduces the risk of Parkinson’s by up to 25 percent. Scientists from the Van Andel Research Institute in Michigan examined data on 1.7 million people in Sweden and found that having an appendectomy is linked

Rich don’t outlive poor by that much, study finds… but gap is growing

New research conducted in Denmark challenges the prevailing wisdom that the world’s rich vastly outlive the poor, a premise apparently based on faulty reasoning as the two are not rigidly fixed groups. Three economists from the University of Copenhagen’s Center for Economic Behavior and Inequality (CEBI) published their new findings in the

Russia ‘tests’ key piece of nuclear space engine to revolutionize long-range missions

A key component of Russia’s future nuclear space propulsion system, which may revolutionize long-range exploration of the solar system, has been successfully tested, RIA Novosti reported. Since at least 2009, Russian space and atomic engineers have been developing a special space propulsion system, which uses a 1 megawatt nuclear fusion

Oxygen discovery ‘completely changes’ potential for life on Mars – study

Eyed as prime real estate, Mars currently occupies the mind of space innovation suitors. Billions is being spent in the race to get humans to the planet but can the barren landscape be tamed? A new oxygen study provides hope. SpaceX, Blue Origin and Boeing all have aspirations to put

‘NASA is hiding life on Mars’: Here’s what’s really going on in red planet ‘explosion’

Conspiracy theorists went into overdrive after spotting a ‘mysterious plume of smoke’ near a dormant Martian volcano, with many claiming this as proof that alien life exists on the red planet and we’re being lied to here on Earth. Allegations of a NASA-led cover up spread like wildfire online, with