Russian fossils close case on ‘world’s oldest creature’ mystery

The decades-long mystery surrounding a creature that lived on Earth over half a billion years ago has finally been settled, thanks to fossils found in Russia which are so well preserved they still contain fat molecules. The true identity of the ‘Dickinsonia’ fossils has been the center of a heated

Build that wall: Climate scientists propose walling off Antarctic ice sheets to protect them

A group of researchers have devised an audacious proposal to stave off one of the worst effects of climate change: building a massive wall under the Antarctic ice sheet to keep it frozen place for the next millennium. It would constitute the largest geoengineering project in humanity’s history, aimed at

Terrifying piranha with ‘human teeth’ pulled from Russian river (PHOTO)

A creepy 13-inch-long (32cm) piranha with square human-like teeth has been pulled from a river in Russia, thousands of miles from its native waters. The startling discovery was made last week by a local fisherman named Yuri, who reeled it in from the Black River of Kalitva in the village of Morozovka,

Cloned woolly mammoths will roam Siberia again within a decade, region head predicts

Russia’s answer to ‘Jurassic Park’ will be inhabited by born-again woolly mammoths in less than ten years, said the acting head of Russia’s Sakha Republic, Aisen Nikolaev. This ‘miracle’ will happen within a decade, Nikolaev said at the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in Vladivostok, pointing to the country’s collaboration with Korean and

Hubble detects never-before-seen features around neutron star

NASA’s Hubble space telescope has detected an unusual infrared light emission from a nearby neutron star, indicating never-before-seen features around the celestial object. This is the first neutron star in which an extended signal has been seen only in infrared light. The remarkable discovery was made by a team of international researchers

Elon Musk sued by British rescue diver he called a ‘pedo’ and ‘rapist’ on Twitter

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is being sued for libel and slander by a British rescue diver who he called “pedo guy” on Twitter following the rescue of a group of young Thai soccer players who became trapped in a cave in July. Musk was widely criticized for making the unsubstantiated

‘Insanity’: Backlash over suggestion to nix ‘master’ & ‘slave’ from Python programming language

The political correctness debate has now found its way to the world of computers, after a developer from the Python programming language suggested that the words “master” and “slave” should be removed. “For diversity reasons, it would be nice to try to avoid ‘master’ and ‘slave’ terminology which can be

Space invaders: Jupiter & Saturn ‘bullied’ other planets away from sun at beginning of the universe

Researchers studying the lone surviving binary asteroid in the Trojan belt orbiting Jupiter have revealed that the chaos at the beginning of our solar system may have been shorter but more violent than previously thought. A new study on the binary asteroid Patroclus-Menoetius reveals that within the first 100 million

Key antidepressant ingredient contributing to antibiotic-resistant superbug

Scientists have discovered a key ingredient in the most widely used antidepressants may be contributing to the antibiotic resistant superbug that has spread through hospitals across the world. Bacteria has become increasingly resistant to antibiotics in recent years, which is generally thought to be down to overusing of the drugs.

Lusty dolphin shuts down Brittany beach

A horny dolphin has prompted a ban on bathing on a beach in France’s western region of Brittany, over fears that the lovelorn mammal could injure holidaymakers in its pursuit of passion. The dolphin in question has been making a nuisance of itself all summer, as it attempts to fulfill