Gene editing opens world of ‘man-gods,’ but Jesse Ventura doubts society and politics are ready

Advances in technology, from brain chips to gene selection, may be creating a new type of man, but what are the dangers? The former governor of Minnesota shares his take in the latest episode of ‘The World According to Jesse.’ Jesse Ventura talks to biochemist Sam Sternberg, who co-authored the

Horrific ‘hairy’ creature washes up on Philippine beach

An enormous dead creature seemingly covered with hair has washed up on a beach in the Philippines, inciting some locals to ask for prayers in fear of impending doom. The 20-foot-long (sic-meter-long) globster – an unidentifiable organic mass – washed ashore in Barangay, San Antonio, in the Oriental Mindoro province

Moon ‘vanishes’ rapidly behind Earth in stunning video by Russian ISS cosmonaut

Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev has filmed a stunning video of the moon “vanishing” mysteriously behind the Earth during moonset, as seen from the International Space Station (ISS). The short video filmed by the cosmonaut, who is currently aboard the ISS, was published on social media earlier this week. It provides

Machines will never replace humans, Alibaba’s Jack Ma tells students

Creativity will always give humans an edge over machines, Alibaba founder Jack Ma told students at Tel Aviv University in Israel. Ma, 53, was in Israel to receive an honorary doctorate and explore business opportunities for Alibaba Group, one of the biggest corporations in the world. He received a honorary

New water-based battery can store wind and solar energy for pennies

Scientists have developed a water-based battery that can store power generated by wind and solar energy. The battery could solve issues with storing renewable energy, reducing dependence on fossil fuels, and it will be cheap. Stanford scientists revealed the manganese-hydrogen battery in a research paper published in the journal Nature on Monday.

Sweet vision: Chocolate could improve your eyesight, study finds

Good news for those of us who have a sweet tooth – eating dark chocolate could help people with poor eyesight to improve their quality of vision, according to new research in the US. Scientists from the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas found that antioxidant compounds

Masturbation workshops for women offered at German university

A German university will host a workshop where women can learn how to give themselves a hand in reaching maximum pleasure. The idea has, however, raised a few eyebrows. The event is being organized at the University of Bielefeld and consists of a theoretical and a practical part, where women can

Satellite surveillance startup aims to monitor entire Earth & stream video in real-time

S-based startup EarthNow, which plans to deploy a constellation of hi-tech satellites to monitor the entire surface of Earth and stream HD footage 24/7, has secured backing from many notable investors, like Bill Gates and Airbus. Though the contribution made by Microsoft’s founder is not disclosed, Gates is just one

Football field-sized asteroid zooms dangerously close to Earth

Just a day after being discovered dangerously close and approaching Earth, an asteroid, potentially capable of causing significant damage, has darted past our planet nearly missing it on an astronomical scale. While rare at that size, asteroids more than a quarter-mile wide are capable of causing a disaster on the global scale.

Accidental eco warriors: Scientists boost plastic-eating enzymes by mistake

Two years after scientists reported the presence of plastic-munching bacteria at a recycling plant in Japan, accidental mutations to an enzyme has boosted its pollution-digesting powers. More than 300 million tons of plastic is produced globally, with environmentalists warning that oceans are becoming choked by materials such as polyethylene terephthalate