Canada is ‘concerned’ with Khashoggi’s fate but will sell arms to Saudis anyway – Trudeau

Ottawa will keep its $15bn arms deal with Riyadh despite concerns over Saudi involvement in the disappearance of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi and the diplomatic row over human rights, Prime Minister Trudeau said. “We respected that contract,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters on Friday, adding that his cabinet has put forward

‘Crimes against humanity:’ France to face lawsuit in ICC over nuclear tests in French Polynesia

A suit has been filed against France with the International Criminal Court over the nuclear tests conducted in the South Pacific. While local studies say the tests led to cancer, Paris is reluctant to take responsibility. The move was announced by the French Polynesia’s former president, Oscar Temaru, at a

‘We’re independent’: India defies US sanctions over billion-worth S-400 deal with Russia

India’s not cowed by US threats of sanctions for buying Russia’s S-400 missile systems, as it follows an “independent policy,” an army chief said, adding that his country had to think of what is “strategically important.” General Bipin Rawat implied that his country is no vassal state, and it has

Suspect at large after West Bank ‘terrorist attack’, 2 killed

Israeli forces launched a manhunt for a suspect after he opened fire at the Barkan Industrial Park, killing two and injuring one. Palestinian group Hamas says the assault represents “a natural response” to Israeli “war crimes.” Two of the three victims of the shooting succumbed to their injuries, Israeli media reported citing

‘Unwavering support’ against ‘Iranian aggression’? Israel welcomes record $38bn US military aid

Benjamin Netanyahu has welcomed a historic $38bn US military aid package, negotiated by the previous US administration and released just in time to help the Jewish state withstand the ‘complex’ threat posed by its arch-enemy Iran. Two years after President Barack Obama and the Israeli Prime Minister signed a Memorandum

Russia field-tests ‘microwave guns’ that 6th-gen fighter jets may use – major weapon producer

Microwave directed-energy weapons are reportedly being tested at firing ranges in Russia. The prototypes are designed to burn missile-homing systems, and may be incorporated in the arsenal of sixth-generation fighter jets. The cutting-edge weapons systems “exist and progress quite effectively,” said Vladimir Mikheev, deputy head of KRET, a leading electronic warfare contractor. “Tests

Britain’s ‘backyard’? UK wants to deploy 800 troops to defend ‘interests’ in the Arctic

Gavin Williamson wants to boost the UK military presence in the Arctic, citing a “threat” from Russia. He called the area Britain’s “backyard,” perhaps signaling that the UK would not mind having a piece of the pie. UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson told the Sunday Telegraph he is increasingly worried that Britain’s military

Mote in the eye? What we know about Israel’s murky ‘nukes’ as Bibi points finger at Iran

During his UN General Assembly (UNGA) speech, the Israeli PM was adamant that Tehran has secret nuclear sites. As Israel keeps playing the blame game, let’s see if they have their own radioactive skeletons in the closet. Using his cherished ‘presentations,’ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came out with his

Israel’s Netanyahu claims Iran has a ‘secret atomic warehouse in Tehran’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed that Iran has a secret “atomic warehouse” in Tehran, which has contained as much as whopping 300 tons of “nuclear-related material.” Speaking at the UN General Assembly on Thursday, he said that  Israel conducted a raid on Iran’s “nuclear atomic archive” and referred to the

Iran warns Israel it will ‘regret’ further attacks on Syria & allies

If Israel continues to attack the Syrian Army and its allies “who are confronting terrorism” in the war-ravaged country, it will ultimately regret it, a high-ranking Iranian official has warned. “The Zionist regime has been trying to establish a crisis in Syria,” Ali Shamkhani, secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, said on