Putin signs decree on new government with all candidates proposed by Medvedev

President Vladimir Putin has approved all candidates for senior positions in the new Russian government, who were proposed earlier today by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Most key positions in the new cabinet remain with the same outgoing ministers, such as the experienced and popular Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Finance Minister

Gene editing opens world of ‘man-gods,’ but Jesse Ventura doubts society and politics are ready

Advances in technology, from brain chips to gene selection, may be creating a new type of man, but what are the dangers? The former governor of Minnesota shares his take in the latest episode of ‘The World According to Jesse.’ Jesse Ventura talks to biochemist Sam Sternberg, who co-authored the

Bitcoin miners are using as much energy as Ireland – study

The process of mining new bitcoin is now so intensive that computers carrying out the process are using nearly as much electricity as the entire country of Ireland. A new study by economist Alex de Vries estimates that bitcoin mining consumes at least 2.55 gigawatts of electricity and, by the end of

A bridge too far: Washington Examiner calls for Russian infrastructure to be bombed

Just imagine if a Russian newspaper urged the Canadian Air Force to launch strikes on Brooklyn Bridge. There’d be outrage, and rightly so. But where’s the Western condemnation of the Washington Examiner for publishing an article calling for the bombing of the new Crimean Bridge, which opened this week? It’s

Vatican warns of financial ‘ticking time bomb’ ready to explode

The Vatican has called for more regulation of markets and financial systems, saying economic crises showed they were not able to govern themselves and needed a strong injection of morality and ethics. In a major document, written by two key Holy See departments, the Vatican said profit for the sake

Europe & Iran now have the perfect excuse to drop the US dollar – Max Keiser

The re-imposition of US sanctions on Iran and Washington’s threat to punish European companies for doing business there provides a good opportunity for ditching the dollar, according to Keiser Report host, Max Keiser. “The US uses the dollar as a weapon to promote US dollar hegemony and the US Empire.

Polish far-right attempting to infiltrate UK society to incite violence, warns anti-racist group

Polish co-founder of anti-racism watchdog ‘Never Again’, has warned that the UK, and particularly London, is being targeted by Polish far-right groups and their leaders, potentially fueling “acts of violence”. In an interview for the BBC, Rafal Pankowski, who has reportedly been accused by the Polish PM of attacking his

Are British ministers guilty of misleading parliament & public on Middle East policy?

The Iraq War was a watershed moment for UK ministers after the British public became far more skeptical of foreign policy decisions taken by their elected officials. But are they still up to their old deceptive tricks? Middle East Eye journalist, Mark Curtis has written an article suggesting that Tory ministers have

‘Caged in toxic slum’: UN rights chief slams Israel over deadly Gaza protests

Israel is depriving 1.9 million people in Gaza of basic rights and creating inhumane conditions, according to a UN human rights chief. He has also castigated the use of lethal force by Israel during the recent protests. “They are, in essence, caged in a toxic slum from birth to death;

World Cup 98 featured ‘fixed’ France v Brazil final – former UEFA President Platini

Disgraced former UEFA President Michel Platini has astonishingly claimed the 1998 World Cup was fixed to increase the chances of host nation France meeting holders Brazil in the final. Platini, currently serving a four-year ban from involvement in football after being found guilty of taking bribes from then-FIFA boss Sepp